1 on 1 adult chat with PennyArcade wants nude joy

Screenname: PennyArcade
About: I’m your fleshy and submissive slapper next door. Open to vanilla demands (ex. bjs, gash have fun, staring contests…) to start the showcase in privates. Anything more individual or fetishy/kinky (please ask highly first!), let’s take it special.
Fetishes: soles,spankingpaddling,submissive,gagging
Expertise: Giggling, teasing, fucktoys, gfe, slapping, splashing, and a supreme aged fashioned sloppy beej. No ass-fuck (I have a puny plug that I’ll use when I’m in the mood or in a block session). And not so much into dame dom and roleplay.
Turnons: Fellows that are respectful and down to earth, can make me laugh (and cum) indeed hard, and take the time to connect with me. I also enjoy being predominated, muddy chat, and C2C.

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