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Screenname: Nichole_Shae
About: My displays give you an insight into my sexual routine but I am also very eager to become part of yours 😉 I enjoy to try out fresh things and I enjoy to share and talk about my dreams and adventures! Authenticity = key!
Fetishes: bondage & discipline,feet,underwear,voyeur,roleplay
Expertise: I enjoy to tease and can have fun it out for fairly a bit. But I’m also known for my unending amount of climaxes. Beside that I enjoy a good conversation about lovemaking. Anyway, I will make you sense supreme! <3
Turnons: I enjoy to have fun with strangers, lengthy detailed stellar plots drive me nasty but I also can love a unexpected warmth while reading a book. I have a fetish for lovely shots and extraordinary close-ups, and willing to share! 😉

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