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My Fetish: I am an exceptional artist in:
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121 sex chat Women Profile: I dare you to step into My Dark Castle. You will begin a tour no longer under Man`s rules, but under the Mercy of Your Princess. I dare you to enter My world, where EVERYTHING is possible.
I am a Magic Goddess in My Dark Castle. My bombshell is so bright that blinds you from the darkness that raids you with every breath you take in My world.You need to know about Me:
I am unsafely addictive, I don’t care about people`s opinions, I am not a panicked, coward worm, I have mastered the art of kneeing them! I am wearing My hair proudly and LOUDLY! I am wearing My shoes and stilettos with mercy and energy. I expect for you to idolize My entire body and specially My trampy attitude. I will get closer to your face, just to order you to deep-throat My flawless gloomy essence and become more transfixed and enslaved. Your first thought when you wake up will be the need to stare into My eyes and be MINE! A peek of our future sessions:
Start by relaxing and recall that you’re always safe with Me. Breathe slowly with Me. Gaze deep into My eyes and breathe. Start to perceive your whole bod relieve. You perceive a tingle throughout your skin. Sigh refreshment into your whole figure. Let go of all your pressure, your worries and dreads. Just breathe in to conclude refreshment and open your mind, open it like a blank page, prepped to engulf My words. Your brain is like a book that doesn’t have a single word written in it, your mind is completely open to Me.
Now, of course I can give orders just like that but there aren’t many ways you can make Me glad so you shall give Me what I like most, worm: your submission and you adorably packaged in a cockcage that will be eliminated at My orders only. I can give you jerk off commands, because, for sure you’re not even capable to fumble that worm like you’re supposed to. If you like wearing uber-cute, trampy outfits then it’s even finer because I am turned on and sated to see my whore-maid wearing super-cute clothes. I love to see you jism in a tiny cup and make you eat it all after or maybe let it burn your face a bit before… Conform Me, and I will train you, I will make you live, breath and plead for Me!
I will make you addicted to My flawless leather apparels, to My footwear, My footwear, to my nylons you will desire about wearing My messy clothes and secretly jerk your lil’ snail into them.
You will covet for my penalties and My prizes as well. You will wear the marks of My discipline as proud badges of enjoy on your figure

Favourite orgy position: Me on top, you – on your knees – in front of my goldshrine with My heel pinching your nut sack Everything that involves me dominating and abasement you as My marionette

What I get up to in ptivate: subjugated marionettes, subordinated dude, being worshiped, making you degrade for Me, abasing My marionettes, being craved

What I don’t like: That you assume you can ever figure Me out. Assume that you can trick Me. Take Me for something I am not.


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