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Screenname: Lady_Luna
About: Hello there! My name is Luna, and I’m a hefty dweeb. I want to make you glad, but I’m not a mind-reader, so you have to tell me what you want to watch! It’s finest if you ask in public, so we can make sure I’m willing before you commence to pay. ^_^
Fetishes: soles,underwear,stockingsnylons
Expertise: Shows: sundress up; exercises; modeling undies; cootchie play (thumbs); lotion; oil; miserable spreads; bad dancing; feet throating; closeups; posing. Which of these would you like to see?
Turnons: I’m naturally quite mischievous, but my mind tends to disconnect from my figure, so anything that makes my mind concentrate on my bod is good! Pawing, moving, showing off, all are superb ways to get my snatch adorable and wet!

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